$55 for concession

  • 2 Toys
  • 1 puzzle/board game

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$70 for concession

  • 4 Toys
  • 2 puzzles/board game

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$85 for concession

  • 6 Toys
  • 3 puzzles/board game

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 Limit to 1 large toy at a time per membership.
All memberships are for 12 months. 
The maximum length of borrowing time is 2 weeks.
Toys can be renewed online.

Party Packs

Our Party Packs are changing! They will be much more exciting!

Stay tuned!



Broken or Lost Toys

If you have lost a piece, you can bring the toy back and pay a small fine of $1 for the missing piece, which is redeemable if you locate the piece and bring it back. We aim to repair broken toys where possible- if a toy is broken, we will discuss with you a reasonable fine to help with the cost of repair or replacement. 



Payment Options

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PayID –

Bank Transfer

Account name: Sunbury Toy Library

BSB: 633 000

Account: 187 781 000